Feeling safe is feeling good

Not only in the mountains

As an insurance broker it is our strength to be neutral when giving advice. We perform risk analysis for our clients and work out the right coverage with national and international insurance companies; we also manage contract renewals when necessary.

Our advice is neutral, transparent and professional. We maintain our contacts on the international insurance market. Our advice is free of commission.

We are there for our clients when it really matters. When dealing with a claim, we stand on our client's side, dealing professionally with the insurance companies and their agents.

Our qualified team ensures that the claim is settled efficiently and within a reasonable lapse of time.


Assibroker Glöggl becomes Assibroker International

After the takeover of Oskar Schunck Italia GmbH, the well-known Southtyrolean ...


Assibroker International new Corporate Design

Assibroker International  updates its corporate Design. The new image was ...

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